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The hype of ChatBots and AI, is it a reality or just a news story.  Is there a place for both humans and ChatBots to work hand in hand and blend into the entire customer service journey? Gartner states that by the end of 2017 about 70% of all use cases in AI were related to customer service and call centres. The challenge is getting the balance and strategy right.

Watch to find out more about how ChatBots and AI can work seamlessly in the contact centre. Hear the highs and lows of implementing and continuously updating a ChatBot and AI strategy into your contact centre and learn the best practices.


What You’ll Get From This Webinar

This webinar will give you an example of how to build or expand your ChatBots and AI strategy for your contact centre. To utilise the latest in communication technology to improve your customer engagement, increase productivity, and automate processes for greater return.

Highlights common challenges for the modern business, then gives you solutions and industry best practices so you can improve your members experience without investing in gimmicky, outdated technology.

Hear from the presenters


Ben Williams, CTO Customer Service and Workplace

Fujitsu Group

The things to watch out for when building a AI and ChatBot strategy for your customers

The highs and lows of Fujitsu’s journey as they developed a Social Command Centre to support alternative and emerging channels. Delivered by ChatBots, using AI for their customers, to enable a service desk fit for the future.

Alex Black, CTO

Enghouse Interactive

ChatBots and AI is there really a place for them in the contact centre

What do or does ChatBots and AI look like within contact centre. What are the job specs and how can you continuously educate and nurture them. Enghouse’s CTO delivers his key strategies for digital focus in the contact centre.

Jeremy Payne, VP of Marketing

Enghouse Interactive

Audience Debate

What do customers really want in the digital age?

With so much noise about AI and ChatBots, Jeremy and co-presenters step back and ask the question “what do customers really want in this digital age?”. Join the interactive debate with presenters as we discover the reality of ChatBots and AI in the Contact Centre.


Enghouse Interactive ChatBot & AI Strategy

AI aims to mimic human behaviour, the fundamental to AI is Machine Learning having the ability to identify content, actions, behaviours and someone’s intent. Executed well it can anticipate customer needs, uses intelligence and self-learning to improve customer experience. Don’t just think of ChatBot as a Robot, its a machine you can perform various automated tasks on behalf of Contact Centre Agents.

ChatBots – Virtual Assistants

Use ChatBots to perform various automated tasks on behalf of Contact Centre Agents. Think of them of a method for enabling self service via digital communications channels. Making use of natural language and augmented intelligence using data to inform customers. We have identified 3 out of the box ChatBots – TaskBot, InfoBot and HelperBot.

Proactive Notifications

Waiting for your customers to contact you is unproductive, unpredictable and creates issues with managing resources through peaks and troughs of traffic. Offers options to productively keep customers informed using proactive outbound and campaign management, which delivers high performance, extraordinary flexibility and lets you design your communications processes to improve efficiencies.

Self Service & Automation

Self-service is a key and increasingly important part of an integrated customer experience, It enables organisations to focus on higher value human to human interactions increasing productivity, efficiency and customer experiences whilst simultaneously creating the agility needed to stay ahead of ever changing customer needs. Supporting a wide range of channels including speech, social and enterprise messaging, SMS, Mobile and web for self-service, ensuring these are quick to implement, powerful and extremely cost effective.

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Enghouse Interactive is a leading expert in customer communications. The contact centre is at the heart of your business, which provides opportunities to differentiate your company’s service, as well as gain feedback and build customer loyalty.

With over 25+ years in the industry and dozens of financial institution served our communication platform is agile enough efficiently respond to customers from any channel, while providing actionable intelligence to drive ongoing improvement. Our unique omni-channel contact centre solutions offer choice and flexibility. They are also scalable in deployment, size, complexity and integration to ensure successful and effortless customer interaction, whatever your budget.


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