OnDemand Webinar: ChatBots and AI in the Contact Centre

Gartner states that by the end of 2017 about 70% of all use cases in AI were related to customer service and call centres. The hype of ChatBots and AI: is it a reality or just a news story?  Is there a place for both humans and ChatBots to work hand in hand and blend into the entire customer service journey? The challenge is getting the balance and strategy right.

Download our ondemand webinar – with our customer Fujitsu – to find out more about how ChatBots and AI can work seamlessly in the contact centre. Hear the highs and lows of implementing and continuously updating a ChatBot and AI strategy into your contact centre and learn the best practices.


Webinar Agenda

  • The things to watch out for when building an AI and ChatBot strategy for your customers 
    Ben Williams, Fujitsu Group, CTO Customer Service and Workplace.
  • ChatBots and AI is there really a place for them in the contact centre? 
    Alex Black, Enghouse Interactive, CTO.
  • Audience Debate – What do customers really want in the digital age?
    Hosted by Jeremy Payne, Enghouse Interactive, VP of Marketing.

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What You’ll Get From This On Demand Webinar


You’ll learn how to build or expand your contact centre’s ChatBot and AI strategy. We’ll help you utilise the latest in communication technology to improve your customer engagement, increase productivity and automate processes for greater return.

We’ll address the common challenges faced by the modern contact centre, and provide the solutions and best practices to help you improve your members’ experience without investing in gimmicky, outdated technology.

Hear from the presenters


Ben Williams
CTO Customer Service and Workplace
Fujitsu Group

The things to watch out for when building an AI and ChatBot strategy for your customers

The highs and lows of Fujitsu’s journey as they developed a Social Command Centre to support alternative and emerging channels. Delivered by ChatBots, using AI for their customers, to enable a service desk fit for the future.


Alex Black
Enghouse Interactive

ChatBots and AI: is there really a place for them in the contact centre?

What do ChatBots and AI look like within the contact centre? What are the job specs and how can you continuously educate and nurture them? Enghouse’s CTO delivers his key strategies for digital focus in the contact centre.


Jeremy Payne
VP of Marketing
Enghouse Interactive

Audience Debate
What do customers really want in the digital age?

With so much noise about AI and ChatBots, Jeremy and co-presenters step back and ask the question “what do customers really want in this digital age?”. Join the interactive debate as we discover the reality of using ChatBots and AI in the contact centre.


Further Resources

Take a look at some whitepapers and infographics we have created to assist you.


Example of one of our customers’s journeys.

Take a look at one of our customer’s journey and its blend of ChatBots and Agents. To demonstrate the need for a connected automation and Chatbot story.


Getting the balance right – ChatBots and Agents

The balance is not as easy to achieve as it
first appears. Here’s our 5 key steps to getting the balance right with ChatBots and agents.


CHATBOTS AND INTERACTIVE AUTOMATION: Have you got the right balance?

This whitepaper discussed the challenges you can face when working on a ChatBots and AI strategy for your contact centre.


CHATBOTS, AI AND AUTOMATION:Factors to consider when building into your contact centre

This whitepaper highlights the key factors to consider when building ChatBots into your contact centre strategy.


Enghouse Interactive ChatBot & AI Strategy

AI employs machine learning to identify content, actions, behaviours and intent. Executed well it can anticipate customer needs, using intelligent processes and self-learning to improve the customer experience. Don’t just think of a Chatbot as a Robot: it’s a machine that can perform various automated tasks on behalf of contact centre agents.


A TaskBot will automate tasks on behalf of the customer. Such as booking appointments, sending reminders, taking payments or completing renewals. All of these simple interactions could easily be automated and managed by a TaskBot. The TaskBot brings together the intelligence of NLU framework and integration points into your backend into your contact centre systems.


An InfoBot, helps provide information on common problems or questions , such as how to fix my TV model 8907.  It reviews a customer enquiry, searches the Knowledge Base system with the appropriate keywords and delivers the answer directly to customer through chat with links to documentation, specific webpages or forms relating to enquiry.


Bots are not just useful for customers, use a bot to assist your agents to help streamline work and decrease interaction time. The HelperBot can review the customer enquiry for example, “What’s the cancellation procedure for my policy”, from this the agent is prompted by the HelperBot with the appropriate solution. The answer could either be from a Knowledge Base or directing the agent to a procedure or agent script.


We have been using Bots for many years through coaching and listening to ensure agents to meet compliant regulations.

The CoachBot analyses agent and customer speech to provide live feedback to agents, team leaders and quality assurance teams about what is being said and how it is being said. It monitors stress levels, speech clarity and script adherence, all whilst the call is in progress.

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