ChatBots and AI in the Contact Centre

Gartner states about 70% of all use cases in AI are related to customer service and call centres. The hype of ChatBots and AI: is it a reality or just a news story?  Is there a place for both humans and ChatBots to work hand in hand and blend into the entire customer service journey? The challenge is getting the balance and strategy right.

AI employs machine learning to identify content, actions, behaviours and intent. Executed well it can anticipate customer needs, using intelligent processes and self-learning to improve the customer experience. Don’t just think of a Chatbot as a Robot: it’s a machine that can perform various automated tasks on behalf of contact centre agents.

Learning to  build or expand your contact centre’s ChatBot and AI strategy will help you utilise the latest in communication technology to improve your customer engagement, increase productivity and automate processes for greater return.

Enghouse Interactive addresses the common challenges faced by the modern contact centre, and provides the solutions and best practices to help you improve your members’ experience without investing in gimmicky, outdated technology.


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User case example of a TaskBot in action


With our customer Fujitsu – to find out more about how ChatBots and AI can work seamlessly in the contact centre. Hear the highs and lows of implementing and continuously updating a ChatBot and AI strategy into your contact centre and learn the best practices.

You’ll learn how to build or expand your contact centre’s ChatBot and AI strategy.


See how a Bot can help manage appointment settings – allowing a data driven intelligent response to your customer. Its the TaskBot, that provides the intelligence but make sure you have a seamless escalation to a live agent if your customer requires further assistance.

Make sure your Bot doesn’t stand alone as its part of your overall contact centre strategy managing the balance between Bots and agents.


Enghouse Interactive ChatBot & AI Strategy

Enghouse Interactive enables you to create a ChatBot and AI strategy for your contact centre by connecting and simplifying the automation and connectivity process between machines and humans easily. By using ChatBots, it frees up organisations to focus on higher value human to human interactions which in turn increases productivity and efficiency and provides the agility needed to stay ahead of ever changing customer needs.

Enghouse Interactive are building a library of predefined Bots, which can be customised for your business using sophisticated natural language processing systems such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis etc. Natural language tools allow you to understand your customer requirements and deliver a data driven intelligent response to your customer.

Our library of Bots will address common use cases that are supportable across industries. Our Bots can work stand alone or together on a single platform and can be integrated into an Enghouse or pre-existing contact centre solution.


A TaskBot will automate tasks on behalf of the customer. Such as booking appointments, sending reminders, taking payments or completing renewals.


An InfoBot, helps provide information on common problems or questions, such as how to fix my TV model 8907 by searching the Knowledge Base system and delivers the answer directly to customer.


Bots are not just useful for customers, use a bot to assist your agents to help streamline work and decrease interaction time. The HelperBot can review the customer enquiry, then prompt agent with the appropriate solution.


We have been using Bots for many years through coaching and listening to ensure agents to meet compliant regulations. The CoachBot analyses agent and customer speech to provide live feedback to agents, team leaders and quality assurance teams about what is being said and how it is being said.


Build and develop your own ChatBot.

All businesses are different and a one-size solution does not fit all. Our platform enables you to build your own tailored experiences to address your
business requirements. Our tools enable you to develop your own workflow and integrate those into your individual backend systems while simplifying
the integration to natural language platforms.

Enghouse Interactive allows you to select the appropriate natural language in line with your strategic goals such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Luis, Google AI.

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Enghouse Interactive is a leading expert in customer communications. The contact centre is at the heart of your business, which provides opportunities to differentiate your company’s service, as well as gain feedback and build customer loyalty.

With over 25 years in the industry and dozens of financial institutions served, our communication platform is agile enough to efficiently respond to customers from any channel, while providing actionable intelligence to drive ongoing improvement. Our unique omnichannel contact centre solutions offer choice and flexibility. They are also scalable in deployment, size, complexity and integration to ensure successful and effortless customer interaction, whatever your budget.

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